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Do you want to spend less time in the mirror stressing over your eyebrows and eyelashes? With our Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions and Ombré Powder Brows you can cut your daily makeup routine in half to non existent.


We help working women and moms spend less time in the mirror and more time in their daily lives using our Semi permanent & Permanent Makeup Applications eliminating  any effort you would put into your makeup routine.

"She made sure that my eyebrows were perfect!!!

I had my eyebrows Microshaded by Shervii today, 6/19/23. This was a process that I had put off for so long out of fear of the pain, and searching to find a person of color with great reviews to do the procedure. I have to say that the Microshading process with Sherviii calmed any and all fears I had with regards to the pain. Shervii was very patient working with me to provide the proper eyebrow shape that would complement my facial structure. She made sure that my eyebrows were perfect!!!!The environment was clean and extremely calming. I would highly recommend Shervii to anyone who is interested in eyebrow Microshading. You will not be disappointed!!!

Cassandra D. Brooklyn, NY

Like you, we are frustrated by mascaras that don't do anything but clump our lashes together and eyebrow products that we have no clue how to use!

With our expert services, you will no longer have to spend excess time in the mirror and gain more time in your daily life.


Our Eyelash Extensions last 4- 6 weeks. Choose between our natural classic eyelash set, our wispy hybrid eyelash set, or our glamorous volume set.

IMG_9082 2.HEIC

Our Ombré Powder eyebrows are an eyebrow tattoo that lasts 2-3 years. It is perfect for women of color and retains well on all skin types.


We offer makeup services for bridal, event, corporate photoshoots, print, tv and more.

Look your best at all times. Wake up and Go! Because you shouldn't have to put a ton of time and effort into your makeup routine

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