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Bridal Makeup

What Bridal Services are Offered at Makeup by Sherviii?

Shervonne has happily serviced hundred of brides from the shores of Trinidad and Tobago to cities such as Maryland, Florida and New York City. With such a large number of clients it has afforded her the opportunity to work with every skin tone and every eye shape imaginable. Shervonne understands that to be a Bride is a momentous step in a woman's life and as such she believes every Bride should be treated like royalty.

Shervonne offers 3 Luxurious Bridal Packages

Package 1 - Make Me Beautiful!

Makeup Application for The Bride Only

(includes a personal touch up kit)

$300.00 (travel fees not included)

Package 2 - Bridal Party Glam Fest!

Makeup Application for The Bride, Mother of the Bride and 2 Bridesmaids. (includes touch up kits for everyone)

$1,000.00 (travel fees excluded)

Package 3 - It's My Day!

Makeup Application for The Bride, Makeup Artist does your makeup and stays on location with you every step of the way to ensure your makeup is flawless every second of your special day.$1600 (8hrs) (travel fees not included)

Is it Possible to Have a Flawless, Smudge Proof Bridal Look?

Absolutely! Shervonne understands that no matter the circumstance a Bride should have a long wearing look. Shervonne uses luxurious products to create a soft bullet proof skin. Lips, Lashes and eye makeup are locked into place to avoid any possible smudges.