Microshading Powder Eyebrows

We understand that eyebrows are a struggle for some women. It requires time and skill to perfect. And honestly, no body has time to spend every morning in the mirror filling in their eyebrows. Our Microshading Powder Eyebrows are an eyebrow tattoo which lasts 2-3 years and eliminate the time and frustration you would spend everyday attending to sparse uneven eyebrows.




The Effortless Eyebrow Process

Step 1 - Perfect Brow Prep!

Prior to your appointment you will receive preparation instructions- Avoid any blood thinners such as Tylenol or aspirin and do not digest any coffee or alcohol 24 hrs before your appointment.

Step 2 - Let's Agree to No More Sad Brows!

When you arrive to your appointment you will be given a agreement  to fill out and sign. Once your brow artist reviews and everything looks great we will proceed with the appointment.

Step 3 - Maps for Precision!

At this point we will begin the procedure by mapping your eyebrow tattoo using string a stencil. The Map is different for every person as no facial structure is the same. Once Mapping is complete you will then have the option to approve the shape. If you approve of the shape we will move onto the next step. If you do not approve, we will re map them again and ask for another approval.

Step 4 - Numb Me Up!

After your perfect eyebrows are mapped, we will begin the procedure by outlining the shape using a pigment which compliments your skin tone and your hair color. The online is precise as its done using a tiny needle and permanent makeup machine. Once the outline is created we will add numbing and let it sit for about 5 mins. Once your eyebrow area is numb, we will continue with the procedure by filling in the entire shape by shading. You can request more numbing which we will be happy to apply as your comfort is important to us.

Step 5 - Perfect Eyebrows Reveal!

Your new fabulous Eyebrows are ready to hit the streets! But before you leave your artist will review all necessary after care instructions and you will receive a complimentary after care kit. You will also have the option to book your touch up appointment which we highly recommend for lasting eyebrows.

Ready for your Eyebrow Transformation?

-Your eyebrows will be more defined with fullness and evenness

-You will spend less time in the mirror everyday as you will no longer have the need to apply eyebrow makeup

-You will fall in love with your eyebrows and experience a boost in confidence as you receive tons of compliments 

Invest in your look! 

Pricing Break down

1st Appointment - $500.00

8 week touch up appointment - $140.00 (a touch is optional to boost the pigment)

12 month color boost appointment - $250.00


Meet your Permanent Makeup Artist


Shervonne Kitto
3x Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

Shervonne has been working with women of color for over 2 years to give them beautiful powder eyebrow tattoos which boosts their confidence, uplifts their facial structure and allows them to spend less time in the mirror everyday. She is an expert in both eyebrow and eyelash enhancements.