Eyelash Extensions

We get it! Short lashes are no fun! No-one has time to apply clumpy mascara or those uncomfortable strip lashes everyday. With our semi permanent eyelash extensions you can enjoy 4-6 weeks of longer fuller beautiful lashes that look like strip lashes but don't feel like strip lashes.

Customer Testimonial

"If you are looking for quality lashes then you have to book her! Never disappoints! Thank you for the effortless glam"


The Effortless Eyelash Process

1.Lashes are cleansed and sanitized using an oil free eyelash extension cleanser.

2.Then we map your eyelash set to your desired look and style. Our most popular styles are 'cat eyes' and 'wispy' looks.

3.Silk Mink lashes are applied to sit on top of every single natural lash you have creating a full lash effect

4. Enjoy your new lash set for 4-6 weeks. Remember to book your re fill every 2-3 weeks and follow all our aftercare instructions.

Hybrid Lash Extensions
Hybrid Lash Extensions

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Classic Lash Extensions
Classic Lash Extensions

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Mega Volume Lash Extensions
Mega Volume Lash Extensions

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Hybrid Lash Extensions
Hybrid Lash Extensions

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What are the different types of Eyelash Extensions?

Pick a set that suits your style!

Classic Lash Sets are best suited for the natural gal who likes simplicity and minimalism.

Cost $140.00

Hybrid Lash Sets are the most popular as it is a blend of individual lashes as well as volume fans. This set can be customized for a little drama or va va volume!

Cost $200.00

Mega Volume Sets are exactly what the name says- mega volume. A volume fan is adhered to every single natural lash thus creating a dark lash line and a beautiful dramatic set.

Cost $300.00

We take lashes from hidden & barely there to
Seen & Admired!

-You will be less stressed about your eyelashes

-You will spend less time in the mirror fighting with your mascara

-You will experience increased confidence and receive tons of compliments

Meet your Lash Artists!

Our Lash Artists are experts at the art of eyelash extensions.

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