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Sherviii's Favorite Lash Extension and Permanent Makeup Products of 2023!

At Makeup by Sherviii, we always look for the latest and greatest products that enhance our clients and produce lasting results. As we enter 2024, we're excited to share our favorite lash extensions and permanent makeup products that we could not get enough of this year. These products are now staples in our studio; we will take them into the new year!

If you are new here - Hi! I am Sherviii- Founder and Owner of a Lash and PMU studio in the lower Manhattan area. I have been in the beauty business for over ten years. As the founder and owner of Makeup by Sherviii, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products that could enhance the beauty of our clients. With my experience in the beauty industry, I know what works and what doesn't. As 2023 draws close, I have reflected on the products that have significantly impacted our studio.

Eyelash Extensions

Adhesives - These two adhesives have produced exceptional retention for all our clients. They are both by the brand Lash Box LA.

Tweezers - Also by Lash Box LA - Our favorite Volume Tweezer

Eyelash Extension Remover - We have tried several different brands this year but continuously returned to this one, which we have used for years.

Gel Pads - These Gel pads for eyelash extensions have been the best we have used this year.

Colored Eyelash Extensions - If you follow our Instagram @makeupbysherviii, you may have seen us dabbling in colored lash extensions this year. These colored lashes have been a hit amongst our clients, and we could not stop reaching for them. We used the Pink Lashes for our Barbie Lash Set that went viral!

Superbonder - This super bonder has been a staple for all our lash sets. We use this after every set.

Permanent Makeup

Pigments - Brow Daddy is hands down our favorite pigments for our women of color. It heals beautifully and holds up so well on oily skin. Our most used brow daddy shades are linked below.

Pencils - These Sharpie pencils are by far our favorite to use while mapping.

Gloves- These gloves are so thick! Nothing compares.

Machine and Battery - We have been using this machine and combo and will not be replacing it anytime soon.

Needles - These are our favorite needles.

All of these products are included in our training. Our students receive a complete kit valued at $500. We do not put anything in our kit that we would not use ourselves. Check out our training breakdown and level up in 2024!

If you decide to use any of these products, remember to tag us on Instagram @makeupbysherviii.

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