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Achieve Perfect Brows With Microshading

Now it's time to put away the Sharpie and pay attention.

Your eyebrows are more than just lines of hair above your eyes – they play a significant role in framing your face and highlighting your features. The right eyebrow shape and style can transform your appearance, emphasizing natural beauty and boosting confidence. At Makeup by Sherviii, we have seen every eyebrow shape possible and mastered the art of creating the perfect eyebrow shape with our permanent eyebrow service - Microshading.

How Eyebrows Shape Your Face: The Frame That Matters

Think of your eyebrows as the frame of a masterpiece – they outline your face, setting the stage for your facial features to shine. The shape, thickness, and arch of your eyebrows can impact your face's perceived symmetry and proportions. You can craft eyebrows that complement your natural beauty by carefully considering your unique facial structure and features.

Microshading NYC
One of Our Microshading Clients with Perfect Brows
How Eyebrows Change Your Face: A World of Difference

Ever noticed how a slight tweak to your eyebrow shape can completely alter your appearance? Tweezing, waxing, or threading can give you control over your brows, but sometimes, it's easy to go overboard, leading to unintended changes. Microshading, a permanent makeup technique, offers a solution. It allows for precise adjustments, creating soft, natural-looking eyebrows that enhance your facial harmony. In many cases we see clients who have visibly sparse eyebrows or thin eyebrows and this can cause intense insecurities. With Microshading, we able to give them life changing eyebrows that boost their confidence and frame their face.

How Eyebrows Should Look: The Balance of Natural and Defined

The best eyebrow style is one that enhances your unique facial features while maintaining a natural look. Gone are the days of thin, overly plucked brows – the trend now leans toward fuller, well-groomed brows. Microshading offers a way to achieve this look by carefully layering tiny dots of pigment to mimic the appearance of eyebrow makeup, resulting in a soft and realistic finish.

Where Eyebrows Should Start and End: Mapping the Perfect Eyebrow

Perfectly positioned eyebrows start and end at specific points relative to your facial structure. To determine where your eyebrows should begin, we first find the centre of your entire face (line 1). Then we align a straight edge vertically with the edge of your nose (line 2). This is where your eyebrows should start. To find the ideal endpoint, we position the straight edge diagonally from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye.

Where Should Your Eyebrows Start and End?
Where Should Your Eyebrows Start and End?

Where Eyebrow Arch Should Be: Finding The Arch Point

The arch of your eyebrows plays a crucial role in conveying expressions and adding character to your face. To find the perfect arch, you can imagine a straight line from the edge of your nose through the center of your eye – this is where the arch should ideally be. We also like to move our finger along the brow bone and locate the point where the bone naturally tappers downwards. This method allows us to match your arch perfectly to your facial features.

Finding The Arch Of Your Eyebrow
Finding The Arch Of Your Eyebrow

How Thick Should Your Eyebrows Be?

Your perfect brow thickness should be visible from the length of your brow hairs. We usually determine your brow thickness by feeling around the brow bone area and looking at where your brow hairs naturally grow. Once we find the top of your brow (line 4) make your bottom line (line 5) parallel to the top line so your eyebrows will be symmetrical as possible.

Finding the Thickness of Your Brows
Finding the Thickness Of Your Brows

Bringing Your Perfect Brow Shape to Life!

At this point we usually connect all our lines and your perfect brow shape comes to life.

The Perfect Brow Shape
The Perfect Brow Shape

While makeup pencils and powders offer temporary solutions for defining your brows, Microshading takes the art of eyebrow enhancement to the next level. It provides permanent results that look incredibly realistic, making it a game-changer for those seeking a lasting and low-maintenance solution.

In conclusion, your eyebrows are a canvas waiting to be adorned. The right eyebrow shape and style can enhance your facial features, adding depth and symmetry to your appearance. Whether you opt for the boldness of a well-defined arch or the subtlety of a natural-looking brow, remember that your eyebrows have the power to highlight your unique beauty in a way that's both stunning and empowering.

Unlock the magic of Microshading and unveil the perfect eyebrows that were meant to frame your face and elevate your confidence. Embrace the journey of enhancing your beauty through the art of eyebrows!


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