Sleep Training My Baby

My baby Carolyn turned 10 months on March 1st 2018. That was 10 months of lack of sleep for my husband and I. From the day she was born she was a terrible sleeper. I remember her screaming from 10pm-2am because she had colic. She is also a breast fed baby and if you know anything about breast milk and breast fed babies is that they are always hungry because breast milk can be easily digested. Therefore Carolyn would wake up every 2-3 hours to be nursed and I would consequently have to rock her back to sleep. Yes.. I said rock.

I regret the day I first rocked her to sleep. I would have to rock her to sleep every single time I had to put her to sleep and this was no fun for either one of us because If I put her down too soon she would wake up and the process just hit the reset button.

One day while on Instagram, I received a follow from Missy Yandow and once I checked out her page to see it was legit and not another hair extensions sales page, I followed her back. I had been following her for a couple months before I contacted her in desperation. She immediately called me back and this is where our 3 week relationship started. I explained to Missy all my concerns- Rocking to sleep, Short irregular naps, constant wakings and night and she created a sleep plan for my family.

Her method advised that we put Carolyn down awake but tired and allow her to cry for either 3 or 5 mins and then go in and soothe her a bit. So we did exactly that. Put her down awake, she cried a lot and I would go in when she got hysterical and soothe her by rubbing her back and humming her favorite song. She would exhaust herself crying and eventually soothe herself to sleep.

By the 5th night of implementing this method, and also allowing her wake time to be 3 hrs between naps, Carolyn was waking 2 times a night and also sleeping from 7pm to 7am. I communicated with Missy every day about her naps and she kept a log of her nap times, length of naps and bed times.

Our lives have changed for the better. Carolyn is happier and more rested and my husband and I are getting a lot more sleep. She puts herself to sleep and recently walked to her crib and tried to climb in! She was ready for a nap.

Check out Missy's Instagram @missyyandow or visit her website

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