Balancing work and life after a baby.

Life is already crazy as it is but learning to balance life after having a baby is even crazier. It has taken me 10 months to finally somewhat achieve that . In this blog post I will talk about my highs and lows I endured to get here.

Most of my clients are unaware that I do in fact have a beautiful 10 month old baby girl named Carolyn. She is the reason I wake up every single morning and she is the reason I decided not to give up on my first love - Makeup.

When Carolyn was born last May I fell totally in love with my baby girl and developed an attachment to her. This attachment caused me to second guess my career as an artist . Being a stay at home mum brought me a lot of joy . I despised the hours I would have to be away from her ( in the same space) while I worked doing eyelash extensions.

But I soon realized that if I gave up on my career what would I tell Carolyn when she is older and wants to give up on something she once loved the most because she found another love. Quitting was not option then. So here I am today finding ways to re invent myself and my craft so that one day my baby girl will be proud of her mummy.

Here are a few tips to refresh your love for your craft after having a baby:

1) DIVE IN!! Get your hands dirty again. For me I played with my makeup products. I updated my kit with new products. I enjoyed replacing the old makeup with new products. Who doesn't love makeup shopping?

2) ATTEND A CLASS/MAKEUP SHOW I had to break my attachment for my baby girl. I plan on attending the Makeup Show in NYC this coming May! Excitement!!

3) FIND INSPIRATION EVERYWHERE Luckily I live opposite a park and my in home studio is directly facing this park. Its beauty truly shows when it snows. SOOO INSPIRING <3

My take away from all of this is that balancing your artistry while falling in love with your little human is possible and HEALTHY! GO MAMAS!!!

Stay Beautiful!

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