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  • NYC Best Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extensions (5 star rated)

    NYC'S BEST PERMANENT MAKEUP & EYELASH EXTENSIONS BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Do you want to spend less time in the mirror stressing over your eyebrows and eyelashes? With our Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Eyebrows you can cut your daily makeup routine in half to non existent. Effortless Beauty We help working women and moms spend less time in the mirror and more time in their daily lives using our Semi permanent & Permanent Makeup Applications eliminating any effort you would put into your makeup routine. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Like you, we are frustrated by mascaras that don't do anything but clump our lashes together and eyebrow products that we have no clue how to use! With our expert services, you will no longer have to spend excess time in the mirror and gain more time in your daily life. Eyelash Extensions Our Eyelash Extensions last 4- 6 weeks. Choose between our natural classic eyelash set, our wispy hybrid eyelash set or our glamorous volume set. Microshading Powder Eyebrows Our Microshaded Powder eyebrows are an eyebrow tattoo which lasts 2-3 years. It is perfect for women of color and retains well on all skin types. Makeup Services We offer makeup services for bridal, event, corporate photoshoots, print, tv and more. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Customer Testimonial I’ve always wanted to get my eyebrows done but could not find the right person to do them. I was so happy to have found Shervonne @ makeupbysherviii!!! She outdid my expectations! Don’t hesitate to contact her!! I was very happy!!! By far the best brow guru!!! ALTHEA W. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Look your best at all times. Wake up and Go! Because you shouldn't have to put a ton of time and effort into your makeup routine BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Contact Us! 39 John Street, Suite 2B, New York, New York 10038 By Appointment Only | Tel: 301-263-4973 Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • NYC Best Permanent Makeup (5 star rated)

    Microshading Permanent Makeup We understand that eyebrows are a struggle for some women. It requires time and skill to perfect. Our Permanent Makeup service - Microshading Powder Eyebrows are an eyebrow tattoo which lasts 2-3 years and eliminate the time and frustration you would spend everyday attending to sparse uneven eyebrows. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING ABOUT OUR PERMANENT MAKEUP SERVICE ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ "Shervi was very professional. She took her time to make sure my eyebrows were mapped out perfectly to give me the best results. She explained the process and constantly made sure I was comfortable and not in pain during the procedure. I was so in love with my results and could not stop looking at myself. The office was very clean and well lit. The music playlist was enjoyable as well...made me feel very comfortable. I have already recommended her to my co-workers and friends who have been thinking about getting this done." ALISON BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ "I’ve always wanted to get my eyebrows done but could not find the right person to do them. I was so happy to have found Shervonne @ makeupbysherviii!!! She outdid my expectations! Don’t hesitate to contact her!! I was very happy!!! By far the best brow guru!!!" ALTHEA BOOK AN APPOINTMENT The Permanent Eyebrow Process Step 1 - Perfect Brow Prep! Prior to your appointment you will receive preparation instructions- Avoid any blood thinners such as Tylenol or aspirin and do not digest any coffee or alcohol 24 hrs before your appointment. Step 2 - Let's Agree to No More Sad Brows! When you arrive to your appointment you will be given a agreement to fill out and sign. Once your brow artist reviews and everything looks great we will proceed with the appointment. Step 3 - Maps for Precision! At this point we will begin the permanent makeup procedure by mapping your eyebrow tattoo using string and a stencil. The Map is different for every person as no facial structure is the same. Once Mapping is complete you will then have the option to approve the shape. If you approve the shape we will move onto the next step. If you do not approve, we will re map them again and ask for another approval. Step 4 - Numb Me Up! After your perfect eyebrows are mapped, we will begin the procedure by outlining the shape using a pigment which compliments your skin tone and your hair color. The outline is precise as its done using a tiny needle and permanent makeup machine . Once the outline is created we will add numbing and let it sit for about 5 mins. Once your eyebrow area is numb, we will continue with the procedure by filling in the entire shape by shading. You can request more numbing which we will be happy to apply as your comfort is important to us. Step 5 - Perfect Eyebrows Reveal! Your new fabulous Eyebrows are ready to hit the streets! But before you leave your artist will review all necessary after care instructions and you will receive a complimentary after care kit. You will also have the option to book your touch up appointment which we highly recommend for lasting permanent eyebrows. BOOK NOW THE BEST PERMANENT MAKEUP IN NYC Ready for your Eyebrow Transformation? -Your eyebrows will be more defined with fullness and evenness ​ -You will spend less time in the mirror everyday as you will no longer have the need to apply eyebrow makeup ​ -You will fall in love with your eyebrows and experience a boost in confidence as you receive tons of compliments BOOK NOW Invest in your look! Pricing Break down 1st Appointment - $500.00 8 week touch up appointment - $140.00 (a touch up is optional to boost the pigment) 12 month color boost appointment - $250.00 BOOK AN APPOINTMENT BROWS LAST 1-3 YRS! Meet your Permanent Makeup Artist Shervonne Kitto 3x Certified Permanent Makeup Artist Shervonne has been working with women of color for over 2 years to give them beautiful powder eyebrow tattoos which boosts their confidence, uplifts their facial structure and allows them to spend less time in the mirror everyday. She is an expert in both eyebrow and eyelash enhancements. BOOK NOW

  • NYC #1 Eyelash Extension Studio (Best in 2022 & 5 star rated)

    Eyelash Extensions We get it! Short lashes are no fun! No-one has time to apply clumpy mascara or those uncomfortable strip lashes everyday. With our semi permanent eyelash extensions you can enjoy 4-6 weeks of longer fuller beautiful lashes that look like strip lashes but don't feel like strip lashes. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT What our customers are saying about our 5 star Eyelash Extensions "If you are looking for quality lashes then you have to book her! Never disappoints! Thank you for the effortless glam" LUCI A. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT The Eyelash Extension Process 1.Lashes are cleansed and sanitized using an oil free eyelash extension cleanser. ​ 2.Then we map your eyelash set to your desired look and style. Our most popular styles are 'cat eyes' and 'wispy' looks. ​ 3.Silk Mink lashes are applied to sit on top of every single natural lash you have creating a full lash effect ​ 4. Enjoy your new lash set for 4-6 weeks. Remember to book your re fill every 2-3 weeks and follow all our aftercare instructions. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT #1 NYC Eyelash Extensions Hybrid Eyelash Extensions at Makeup by Sherviii NYC The Best Eyelash Extensions NYC Natural Classic Eyelash Extensions at Makeup by Sherviii NYC NYC Lash Artist Mega Volume Lash Extensions at Makeup by Sherviii NYC #1 NYC Eyelash Extensions Hybrid Eyelash Extensions at Makeup by Sherviii NYC 1/7 BOOK AN APPOINTMENT What are the different types of Eyelash Extensions? Pick a set that suits your style! Classic Lash Sets are best suited for the natural gal who likes simplicity and minimalism. Cost $140.00 ​ Hybrid Lash Sets are the most popular as it is a blend of individual lashes as well as volume fans. This set can be customized for a little drama or va va volume! Cost $200.00 ​ Mega Volume Sets are exactly what the name says- mega volume. A volume fan is adhered to every single natural lash thus creating a dark lash line and a beautiful dramatic set. Cost $300.00 We take lashes from hidden & barely there to Seen & Admired! -You will be less stressed about your eyelashes -You will spend less time in the mirror fighting with your mascara -You will experience increased confidence and receive tons of compliments BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Meet your Lash Artists! Our Lash Artists are experts at the art of eyelash extensions. Expert Lash Artist Shervonne Kitto Shervonne has been doing lash extensions for the past 7 years. She loves transforming eye shapes! Expert Lash Artist Kris Burge Kris has been doing lashes for 2 years. She loves serving our customers and seeing them happy with their new simplified beauty routines. Expert Lash Artist Annya Weekes Annya has been a lash artist since 2019 and a Makeup artist for over 10 years! She is loves transforming each client's look and giving them effortless beauty! Contact Us! 39 John Street, Suite 3A -2, New York, New York 10038 By Appointment Only | Tel: 301-263-4973 Submit Thanks for submitting!


    Book An Appointment Online Here's how you can secure your appointment for Microshading Powder Eyebrows, Eyelash Extensions or a Traditional Makeup Service. 1. Schedule your appointment with one of our experts using the calendar below ​ 2. Complete customer in take forms ​ 3. Get excited for your appointment!!! Price List Microshading Powder Eyebrow - Virgin Eyebrows- $500.00 Microshading Powder Eyebrow - 8 week touch up - $140.00 Full Set Classic Eyelash Extensions - $140.00 Full Set Hybrid Eyelash Extensions - $200.00 Full Set Volume Eyelash Extensions - $300.00 Classic 2 week Fill - $85.00 Classic 3 week Fill - $99.00 Volume/Hybrid 2 week fill - $120.00 Volume/Hybrid 3 week fill - $139.00 Bottom Lashes - $105.00 Eyelash Extension Removal - $35.00


    About Makeup by Sherviii SHERVONNE KITTO FOUNDER & OWNER ​ "I have always believed that when you look good you feel even better. At Makeup by Sherviii we are fully knowledgeable about the services we offer but we are even more cognizant of who our customers are- beautiful women who want to spend less time doing their own makeup. We pride ourselves on being experts in our art form and desiring to serve others. ​ In serving women who serve others we always plan to give you a lifestyle where you no longer have to worry about your physical beauty so you can take care of everything else life throws your way. ​ Effortless Beauty is not just our tagline but its the new paradigm we give to each client - beauty that doesn't require much work." Contact 39 John Street, 2nd Floor Suite 2B New York, NY 10038 301-263-4973 First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • NYC Makeup Artist, 5 star rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Bridal Makeup What Bridal Services are Offered at Makeup by Sherviii? Shervonne has happily serviced hundred of brides from the shores of Trinidad and Tobago to cities such as Maryland, Florida and New York City. With such a large number of clients it has afforded her the opportunity to work with every skin tone and every eye shape imaginable. Shervonne understands that to be a Bride is a momentous step in a woman's life and as such she believes every Bride should be treated like royalty. Shervonne offers 3 Luxurious Bridal Packages Package 1 - Make Me Beautiful! Makeup Application for The Bride Only (includes a personal touch up kit) $300.00 (travel fees not included) ​ Package 2 - Bridal Party Glam Fest! Makeup Application for The Bride, Mother of the Bride and 2 Bridesmaids. (includes touch up kits for everyone) $1,000.00 (travel fees excluded) ​ Package 3 - It's My Day! Makeup Application for The Bride, Makeup Artist does your makeup and stays on location with you every step of the way to ensure your makeup is flawless every second of your special day.$1600 (8hrs) (travel fees not included) Is it Possible to Have a Flawless, Smudge Proof Bridal Look? Absolutely! Shervonne understands that no matter the circumstance a Bride should have a long wearing look. Shervonne uses luxurious products to create a soft bullet proof skin. Lips, Lashes and eye makeup are locked into place to avoid any possible smudges. Should I do a Bridal Trial? Trials are always beneficial for both the Bride and the Artist. It gives the Bride and opportunity to see what she can potentially look like on her wedding day. It also allows the Bride to tweak any elements of her look that she my not like. During a trial, photos can be used for inspiration with the guidance of the Artist's professional opinion. This is an awesome opportunity for the Bride to connect with her Artist prior to her wedding day! ​ Trial Application cost - $150.00 What happens after the Bridal Trial? After the Bridal trial is completed and the Bride wears the makeup for a minimum of 3 hours in natural elements She will then have the opportunity to schedule another virtual consultation to discuss all the things she loved about her makeup look as well as any things she may like to tweak.Shervonne believes in a working relationship with her Brides and is open to any corrections desired by her Brides. If you decide to move forward with Shervonne a Bridal contract will be emailed to you along with an invoice for a deposit. Once the deposit is paid your date is secured. To get this show on the road please book a discovery virtual consultation to meet Shervonne and connect with her concerning your dream day! BOOK A VIRTUAL CONSULTATION Bride Aiveemarie's Testimony "I hired Shervonne to be my makeup artist for my wedding and I wont be able to describe in words how much I appreciated her talent. She listened to exactly what I wanted and really did a great job making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world that day. She highlighted my best features and not only is she an amazing makeup artist but she was able to calm my nerves with her soothing nature on one of the most important days of my life. She made my bridesmaids look stunning as well. My makeup stayed on all day long and looked so perfect in photos. I'll never forget how I first felt when I got to see how I looked for the first time as a bride. Its a feeling that you can never describe with words but I knew Shervonne was going to bring out the beauty in me that I sometimes can't find in myself. She is highly talented and she knows exactly how to apply makeup on any skin type and color. She was punctual, professional and when it came to asking a bunch of questions, she was responsive and really worked with me and all my needs. Thank you Shervonne for gracing me with your talent, I will forever be so grateful for your sweet nature, gentle soul, and incredible skills! She is worth every penny and more and I highly recommend her!" Event Makeup Whether you are heading out for a night on the town or celebrating a special day Shervonne can bring your desired look to life. ​ You have the option of booking an In Studio Makeup Application @ Shervonne's Studio in Lower Manhattan or She can come to your location of preference. Off location Makeup Applications incur a travel fee. Book now Portrait & Editorial Makeup What Experience does Makeup by Sherviii have in Editorial and Fashion? Shervonne worked for MAC Cosmetics and The Miss USA Nevada Organization before embarking on her freelance career. Since then She has continuously educated herself on all the seasonly makeup trends. BOOK NOW Contact Us 39 John Street, Suite 3A -2, New York, New York 10038 By Appointment Only | Tel: 301-263-4973 Submit Thanks for submitting! nyc bridal makeup artist


    Eyelash Transformations! What does it take to transform a set of eyelashes? ​ Well It definitely takes a lot of patience. An eyelash application can span anywhere from 1-2 hours. An extension is applied to every single natural lash to produce a full set. Curved tweezers are used to isolate one natural lash at a time and straight tweezers are used to place the extension on to the natural eyelash with a bit of glue on the end. Tape and gel pads are used to prevent the top lashes from getting stuck to the bottom. BOOK NOW WHAT RAVING CLIENTS ARE SAYING SHEENA T. ”Very protein environment and person but was also welcoming and pleasant. I have had a tough time finding a good lash stylist in Brooklyn and she’s a hit for me.“ YVETTE B. ”You are absolutely Amazing and my eye lashes are simply beautiful... Thank you“ MONIFA M. Shervonne is the best! Such a delicate touch and so precise. She is very accommodating and such a lovely disposition.Thank you Shervonne!!!“ Contact Me 39 John Street, Suite 3A -2, New York, New York 10038 By Appointment Only | Tel: 301-263-4973

  • PRIVACY POLICY | makeupbysherviii

    PRIVACY POLICY WE VALUE YOU PUTTING YOUR TRUST IN US BY ALLOWING US TO COLLECT YOUR DATA THROUGH FORMS. AS SUCH WE WILL DO OUR DUE DILIGENCE IN RESPONSIBLY USING IT AND PROTECTING IT. ​ What kinds of information do we collect? We collect your name, email address and telephone number. ​ How do we use this information? ​We use this information to contact you in facilitating booking appointments and within any email marketing campaigns. Do we share this information with any affiliates or third parties? We will not share your information with any affiliates or third parties. Can customers review or delete the information we collect about them? You can send us an email if you would like to review the data we have collected or be deleted from our list. We can be reached at ​ How do we respond to legal requests? Any legal requests will be responded through a legal solicitor who we will retain to review such requests. ​ How do we notify customers if your privacy practices change? If our privacy practices change you will be notified using the email address in our list. How can customers contact us with questions? If you have any questions please reach out to us via our email address ​ What is the effective date of our privacy policy? Our Privacy Policy is effective April 2022


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    Makeovers! What is a Makeover? A makeover simply put is a transformation . Shervonne loves taking before photos to show clients the difference a makeup application makes in their appearance. These makeovers were compiled over the years of Shervonne's freelancing career. Booking a makeover is easy! Simply book an In Studio Makeup Application below BOOK NOW Contact Me nyc bridal makeup artist 39 John Street, Suite 3A -2, New York, New York 10038 By Appointment Only | Tel: 301-263-4973 Submit Thanks for submitting!

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