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What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions is a non invasive semi permanent beauty service. It is not like the typical strip lash adhered to the lash line area. The extensions are adhered to the natural eyelash using a medical grade adhesive.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

 When applied correctly by an experienced certified eyelash technician - eyelash extensions are completely safe. The extension when applied to the natural lash actually grows and sheds with the natural lash at the end of its growth cycle.

Does the Eyelash Extension Process hurt?

The application process is seamless and causes no pain or discomfort. Your eyes are closed for the entire process and most clients do not even feel the lashes being adhered to their natural lashes. It is so relaxing that most clients fall asleep.

How do you care for your eyelash extensions?

- Wash your lashes every day using a lash cleanser

- Keep oils and makeup away from your extensions as this breaks down the adhesive

-Sleep on your back to prevent your lashes from being crushed

-Do not pull on your extensions. Brush them everyday with the lash wand provided at your appointment.



Wash your lashes everyday to prevent a build up of oils, dirt, dust and makeup. This not only allows your lashes to last longer but it prevents you from getting an eye infection.

What are the different types of Eyelash Extensions?

Pick a set that suits your style!

There are several different types of eyelash sets offered at Makeup by Sherviii.

Classic Lash Sets are best suited for the natural gal who likes simplicity and minimalism.

Hybrid Lash Sets are the most popular as it is a blend of individual lashes as well as volume fans. This set can be customized for a little drama or va va volume!

Mega Volume Sets are exactly what the name says- mega volume. A volume fan is adhered to every single natural lash thus creating a dark lash line and a beautiful dramatic set.

Who is a great candidate for Eyelash Extensions?

Everyone! Eyelash Extensions are great for the girl who likes a minimal makeup routine, does not like the feel of strip eyelashes and enjoys waking up beautiful! Eyelash extensions are waterproof and last for approximately 4-6 weeks with optional fills after 3 weeks of your initial set.

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Shervonne is socially known as Sherviii. She is a professional Makeup Artist and certified Eyelash Extensions technician located in Lower Manhattan. She freelances and services the NYC Tri state area. Her makeup specialty is Bridal, Event and Portrait Makeup Applications. Her eyelash extension expertise are classic and volume eyelash sets.

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